The Mars Review of Books - Volume 2, Issue 1

Contributors and Masthead

Oct 25, 2023 • ~bidbel


Daniel Miller is the literary editor of IM-1776 and the writer of the film Bordeline (2023).


Liam Fitzgerald is Urbit's resident enfant terrible and ~zod's own prototype.


Ben Shields is the managing editor of Grand Journal.

Daniel Rosenberg Nutters teaches at Cheyney University of Pennsylvania. He is completing a monograph entitled The Humanist Critic: Lionel Trilling and Edward Said, which will be published by Anthem Press.


Tess Crain holds an MFA in Fiction from NYU and is at work on a novel. Her nonfiction has appeared in The New Republic and The Guardian, among other places.


Magdalene Taylor is a writer covering sex and culture.


Charles Rosenbauer is an engineer building advanced CPUs and exotic compilers, is lead editor and researcher at Possibilia Magazine, and writes the Bzogramming Substack.

Sydney Mayfield Pollack is a writer from Washington, DC.


Pablo Peniche is a co-founder of Palestra Society and a software engineer and designer at Vienna Hypertext.

The Prudentialist is a writer, fisherman, and co-host of The Digital Archipelago Podcast.


Noah Kumin - Editor in Chief


The Mars Review of Books Foundation - Publisher




Samuel Henriquez - Managing Editor


Mark Smith - Proofreader


Varun Mishra - Special Projects


Nick Simmons - Advisor


Darby Hyde - Editorial Assistant

Ellie Lynch - Publicity

Special thanks to Sam Frank ~todset-partug,Trevor Visotsky, and Bliccy.