The Mars Review of Books - Volume 1, Issue 2

Contributors & Masthead

Mar 16, 2023 • ~bidbel


Anthony Arroyo is a musician, raconteur and the Director of the Combine DAO..


Tao Lin is the author of Leave Society and nine other books.


Matilda Lin Berke is a recent graduate of Wellesley College and the editorial manager of the Adroit Journal.


N. E. Davis writes about post-institutional organization and the philosophy of technology and science.


Justin Murphy is a social scientist. He publishes the newsletter and podcast Other Life.


Daniel Miller is the literary editor of IM-1776.


Geoff Shullenberger is managing editor of Compact magazine.


Matthew Gasda is a writer and director. He also can throw a football surprisingly far.


habsul-rignyr is one half of The Stack, the podcast about Urbit.


Maxwell Cody is host of the Schizotopia podcast and author of the forthcoming book @Inferno: The Divine Simulacra.


Noah Kumin - Editor in Chief


Josh Lehman - Co-Publisher


Anthony Arroyo - Co-Publisher


Designer, Prompt Engineer


Nick Simmons - Advisor


Joel Kotarski - Digital Editor


Mark Smith - Proofreader


Trevor Visotsky - Editorial Assistant


Varun Mishra - Editorial Assistant


Jonah Howell - Editorial Assistant


Shoshi Rosen - Editorial Assistant


Margot Kocay - Design Assistant

Special thanks to Sam Frank ~todset-partug