Mars Review of Books: Issue 1


Jul 31, 2022 • ~bidbel


Christian Lorentzen is a critic and actor. He appears in the new play Dimes Square.


Tess Crain holds an MFA in Fiction from NYU and is at work on a novel. Her nonfiction has appeared in The New Republic and The Guardian, among other places.


Carlos Dengler is an actor, composer and writer. His essays have appeared in n+1 and Rutgers University Press, and his first collection will be published next year.


N. E. Davis writes about post-institutional organization and the philosophy of technology and science.


Matthew Gasda is a writer and director. He can also throw a football surprisingly far.


William M. Briggs is the Statistician to the Stars! and is author of Uncertainty and The Price of Panic, among others.


Reid Scoggin is a symbol manipulator, k-war partisan, and Urbit maximalist, operating a star and blog at


Philip Galebach studied economics at Harvard and advocates for sound money and sound computing while he works to build sound communities.


Anika Jade Levy is a fiction MFA candidate at Columbia. She edits Forever Mag.


Default Friend writes about Internet culture at

. She also hosts the podcast The Computer Room.


Noah Kumin - Editor in Chief


Josh Lehman - Co-Publisher


Anthony Arroyo - Co-Publisher




Nick Simmons - Advisor


Joel Kotarski - Digital Editor


Mark Smith - Proofreader


Trevor Visotsky - Editorial Assistant


Varun Mishra - Editorial Assistant

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