Free copies of my novel for Amazon book reviews

Aug 3, 2023 • ~natdeg-ponwyd

Hi - new here - I'm a pseudonymous self-published author with an interest in decentralized fiction like MROB. Not sure what the etiquette here is re: classifieds, but I'm looking to give out free copies of my novel in exchange for Amazon book reviews.If interested, you can read about it here:
It's about a proto-incel in the early aughts obsessed with the systematization of human relations through applied evolutionary psychology, and it cycles between satire & realism very rapidly. Something of a cross between Landian bio-materialist low-grade existential horror and the brutal transactionality of the millennial dating market (but it's not all grim, and there's ultimately a degree of light in the story). If you're interested in a free review copy, you can ?DM me here? or e-mail me at